Academic Year │ SP 2012
Studio │ Architecture Studio 3 [Individual]
Faculty │ Hyeonhee Lee, Seongil Kim

<Given Condition> 
Location │ Imaginary Space, 9x9x9 ㎥, 6m Road, Park
                   Area │ W: 15 x H: 13 m, 195㎡   Building  Area │ 81㎡
 Building Coverage│ 60%
Floor Area Ratio│ 150%
Program │ House
“Small Cube House for Dancers” 
Within a given area size, 9x9x9 ㎥, I set house owners  for three family members, father, mother and daughter. They are dancer family. I designed dancing space with living room and hobby rooms such as wine bar, library, massage and roof top meditation in this compact house. To give large dancing living space, other rooms have efficient and minimal spaces.
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