• 2015 KICA Crystal Scale Prize : Participation prize
• 2015 The 29th Gachon University Architecture Graduation Exhibition : Excellence Prize
Academic Year │ SP 15 : Fifth-year / Graduation Work
Studio │ Architecture Studio 9 [Individual]
Faculty │ Hangsub Park, Jaedeuk Yoo
Location │373 Cheongpa-ro, Yongsan-gu, Seoul, South Korea
Program │ National Theater Company Of Korea (NTC Korea)
                   [Remodeling + New] Area │ 7,860 ㎡
“Space as a Cultural Inception.” 
Existing National Theater Company of Korea (NTCK) is one of representative Korean performing art theater established in 1950. These days, NTCK is not properly functioning because of the limited space and programs even though located in center of Seoul city and next to the Seoul station.
    “Accompany Theater” focus on the way how to connect the existing  National Theater with the daily life of the underdeveloped hill town, Seogye-dong village by preserving the history of theater as well as mood of small village. This new theater creates new cultural activities for tourists who visited Seoul station, theater visitors who want to enjoy the diverse performing art, and Seogye village people who want to revive their old village.

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