Academic Year │FA 19 
Studio │ Design Studio

Team │ Mary Allen, Candelaria Mas, You-Chiao Wu
Faculty │ Kaja Kühl, Anna Dietzsch, Jerome Haferd,
Liz McEnaney, Justin Moore, Shachi Pandey,
               Shachi Pandey, Raafi Rivero, David Smiley, Dragana Zoric
Location │ Kingston, New York, USA
Program │ Hudson Valley GND Initiative
"Water Urbanism: Hudson Valley Initiative : Re-thinking GND"
As it stands, the Green New Deal is lacking the practical tools to implement the grand goals the document puts forth.
 There are plenty of innovative solutions to the climate crisis, but the largest flaw in the system is under
standing how these solutions hit the ground, and how to prevent the inequalities that the original New Deal inflected on many communities.
    In order to visualize the complexities of the current system where social needs and carbon emissions coexist,
we analyze the Hudson Valley on a transect that repeats along the region. 

We apply design thinking through a coordinated approach of varied projects that prioritize both people’s and environmental needs in Kingston, as a tool to rethinking the Green New Deal as a middle ground —top down/ grassroots— initiative
that motivates partnerships across disciplines and existing boundaries.

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