Academic Year │SU 17
Class│ XT602 Architecture Mediums Primer

Faculty │ Hart Marlow, Joey Glampietro, Brian Ringley
Location│ Brooklyn Bridge Park, Brooklyn, New York, USA
Program│ Hybrid Products from Encyclopedia
Propose a new Diderot Plate which depicts your initial selected objects and hybrid models through multiple modes of representation and projection.
The new plate should look as identical as possible to Diderot’s original plate. 
Depict your initial selected objects and your hybrid model through multiple modes of representation and projection. i.e. Section, Plan, Elevation, Axonometric, Cutawaysection etc.
Step 1 Select five to eight objects from the plates provided from Diderot’s Encyclopedia and use the commands and techniques discussed in class begin to draft them in 2D as accurately as possible. Selections do not necessarily have to be from the same plate and among the objects selected, a variety qualities and characteristics should be present. Look for objects with interesting formal qualities, details, appendages and functions.
Step 2 This step intentionally requires personal interpretation to transition from a two dimensional flat image into a 3D dimensional model.
Step 3 Compose adjacent relationships between each object and devise ways in which they may begin to hybridize with each other. How can two objects become one without losing their characteristics and qualities but also become something novel.
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