Academic Year │FA 17
Studio │ Design Studio 3: Urban Mix

Faculty │Maria Sieira, Hannibal Newsom
Location │ Downtown Brooklyn, Jay-st Metro St, New York, USA
Program │ Residential Tower
“There is a sunflower in my house! My window is yellow like forsythia!” 
Outside the city, we can find a variety of places full of humanity where the houses are gathered. House with red painted gates, brick piled up fences, green courtyard full of sunflowers or house full of colorful light bulbs on the terrace… Conversely, the residential towers of contemporary cities are uniformed. People in the city live in house made of the same gates and structures called the same address like apart number 101, 102, 201, 202, or 301... How can we make the lives of people in gray cities full of dense buildings in the limited and cramped space be colorful? "Mirror Hole Tower" is to design the residential space, and furthermore the city, more rich and colorful.
The site is located in downtown Brooklyn, dense urban conditions. Here is the triangular site facing the park at borough hall. In particular, there are a number of commercial and public facilities. This site is vibrant and lively area with plenty of people’s circulation and public transportation. Therefore, how to reflect this active breathing in the residential tower is a big aspect of this design.
The active character was reflected in this residential space. The concept is a mirror hole in which many mirrors on the facades with different angles are folded. Fold and Mirror are more synergistic when they are together. “Mirror Hole House” provides plenty of space and a variety of sights like a chameleon in the limited space of the building in today's complex city. 
This building is a mirror during the day and a light bulb at night. This building changes its appearance like a chameleon depending on what is reflected in the mirror hole. During the day, the mirror hole inside the building reflects various elements and shows a dynamic landscape. Sometimes the mirror hole reflects the outer element, and sometimes it reflects the inner element. The mirror hole reflects indefinitely according to the various angles of the mirror facades, creating endlessly rich and virtual images in the building. 
This reflected image permeates into residents’ homes. For example, on a rainy day, the rainwater is reflected from all directions and shows a huge waterfall image. In addition, the mirror hole reflects the blue sky where white clouds float. Especially, one tree in the mirror hole is reflected infinitely by the mirror facades, creating a large green forest in the building. At night, the light from the houses is reflected to illuminate the entire city. As a result, people who live in this tower can say, “There is a cloud in my house!” “There is a light in my house!” “We have a forest!” As a giant frame in the city, this building transforms paintings and serves as a dynamic landmark. 
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