• 2015 Daegu-Metropolitan Junggu Civic Competition, Junggu Mansang
[01. Gyesan Five-way Intersection] : 3rd Prize
Competition Year │01-03 2015
Team work │ Wookyung Yang, Yonghyun Kim
Client│Daegu Metropolitan Government
Submission Date│ 31 March 2015

Location │Junggu, Daegu metropolitan, South Korea. Gyesan Five-way Intersection
① National Election Commission : East
                  ② Namsan Patrol Division : Front
                  ③ Patent Office :West
Program │Public Space & Facade Design
“Regenerate Gyesan Five-way Intersection” 
There are the first western architectures of the city, and many traces of the lives of thousands of Korean intellectuals. It is proposed to reflect the symbolism of the modern history of the district and serve as a role model for the visitors. We plan to serve as a gateway to the Daegu metropolitan modern history district. It is the goal of the competition to suggest the new design of elevations of the three existing buildings and the public open spaces.
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