Academic Year │FA 18
Studio │ ARCH 805 06 Design 5: Adv Design & Research 1

Faculty │William MacDonald, Robert Cervellione
Location │ Medini, Iskandar, Malaysia
Program │ Cultural Space, Transportation Hub
“Chimera and their transformations for hub” 
"This transportation cultural hub is linked to farm land, forest, and river. Double loop system is passing through the center of the building. 
The site for our speculative investigations is Medini on the Malaysia ('Fringe'-like Southern Coasts) Peninsulas near Singapore (the split 'Bi-Focal' developed Island). Our particular perspective on the competition brief is to propose how ideas of 'growing an Chimerical city' can reciprocally 'build the rain forest.'
This links to the (planned) super high-speed train from Kuala Lumpur to the west and the regional trains of Malaysia on its east. The previously proposed floating monorail, MLurbH (Air, Land, and Sea) infrastructural system is comprised of a network of multi-modal transportation centers. This 'aqueduct-like' structure levitates over the forest tree canopy, introducing the opportunity to develop an open-ended evolutionary notion of a 'hover city'. These infrastructure and cultural hubs are intended to be permanent catalysts for new urban and aboretum development."-ARCH 805 06 Design 5 Studio
Each shape is derived from the cell study. I have four methods from the sports diagram. Main Concept is magnetic and Attracting, absorbing, enticing, beguiling. Each has different qualities. Four different parts are attracting toward the four different directions. The whole parts are absorbed smoothly. Cannot be distinguished inside and outside. The difference of intensity of volume is obvious. The shell on the outside hides the inside.
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