Academic Year │ SP 2014
Studio │ Architecture Studio 7 [Individual]
Faculty │ Seongjun Park, Wontae Jeong
Location │Daechi-dong 940-2, Gangnam-gu, Seoul, South Korea
District │ General Commercial Area
Building Area │ 1,616.02㎡   Area │ 3,329.81㎡
Gross Floor Area│ 37,518.15㎡   Floor Area Ratio│ 792.24% [Legal 800%]
Building Size│ Ground 21F Underground 3F
Parking│ 143 cars (B2F 69, B3F 74)
Program │Office, Gym, Commerce
“Teheran Road, Building forest in Seoul City” 

This district hosts major offices for various Korean and international financial and business companies such as Google, POSCO, Standard Chartered and Citibank etc. For modern workers who are working in the midst of a busy building forest in the complex city, NIKE office building in Seoul offers new paradigm of working spaces to pursue NIKE mission giving sports activities through outdoor nature and indoor exercise.
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