• 2014 19th Gyeonggi Architecture Culture Prize : Bronze prize
• 2014 19th Gyeonggi Abroad Field Trip Participant [France, Spain]
Academic Year │ FA 2013
Studio │ Architecture Studio 6 [Individual]
Faculty │ Cheolho Jo, Jaedeuk Yoo
Location │ Seongnam daero 997, Yeosu-dong, Jungwon-gu, Seongnam city, Gyeonggi-do, South Korea
Program │ City Museum
                   Building Area │ 5,200㎡   Total Floor Area │ 14,300㎡
 Building Size│ Ground 2F Underground 1F
“Walkway for the Public in City Life” 
The site is a barren field with some vinyl houses and surrounded by mountain view. “Promenade museum” provides new notion of contemporary museum in the city meaning new medium where past and present, nature and city and culture and residential is co-existing and function as a medium.
    Spaces in museum are arranged like alleys based on existing grid module of vinyl houses. Open spaces are located where has mountain view, private spaces are attached to the roads. From  nature, citizen gallery, cafe, exhibition, education, auditorium, research office, storage to city, programs has gradation along the promenade lines.  
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