Academic Year │SU 19
Studio │ Design Studio

Team │ Jaime Palacios Anaya, Niharika N Shekhawat
Faculty │ Tricia Martin, Nans Voron, Hayley Eber, Sagi Golan
Guilian Riano, Austin Sakong, Shin-pei Tsay, Alex Burkhardt
Location │ Sunset Park, Brooklyn, New York, USA
Program │ Sunset Park IBZ
"Water Urbanism: Living Shorelines in Sunset Park Industrial Business Zone"
New York City has twenty-one Industrial Business Zones.
Eighteen of these are located in waterfront sites. Global warming, sea level rise and extreme weather conditions threaten the IBZs,
their ecosystems, and the prosperity of their communities. This project aims to provide a resiliency framework
to protect the waterfront Industrial Business Zones through the lens of Ecology, Community, and Economy.
    How can this greenway become a tool in safeguarding the IBZ.
Our plan is to move the path of the greenway and use it as a barrier for sea level rise and inland water overflow.
Taking advantage of the existing bathymetry, we plan to use natural ecosystems
to reduce the energy of the waves and restore the coastal environment by cleaning the water and providing habitat.
    Living shorelines stabilize the shore, and reduce erosion and storm damage.
They increase the flood storage capacity and strengthen the ecosystems.
Hard infrastructure decays, while living shorelines naturally grow stronger over time.
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