Academic Year │SP 19
Studio │ Dsgn 6: Adv. Design Research

Faculty │Thomas Leeser, Alican Taylan [GA]
Location │ Soho, Manhattan, New York, USA
Program │ Art Gallery
“Re-defining New building among traditional buildings in the City”

This image shows the new normal of architecture. The new normal is emerging in our daily life during a pandemic. It occurs in an evolutionary and changed way that adds and subtracts elements appropriate to the influence of external events. The concept is not an entirely new style but based on our existing daily life. People can get used to it easily and quickly integrate it into their daily lives.

What can be a new normal architecture that reflects the times? This one drawing represents the new normal among old historical buildings in New York City. The two buildings permeate each other while maintaining both unique historical elements and moods in the middle. The new normal building, not wholly new but originated from an existing context, can provide new visual freshness and familiarity of the old among the dense buildings in the city.

The concept is a stretch of two different buildings. As starting from pulling two different buildings both sides, I thought about the shift of the shape in the space like the chewing gum. The most important factor of this stretched building is to blur the boundaries The stretched shape is also extended to the interior space.
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