Academic Year │SP 18
Studio │ CAP Design Studio

Team work │ Mansoo Han
Faculty │Gisela Baurmann, Hannibal Newsom [GA]
Structural Consultant │Cristobal Correa
Envelope Consultant │Corey Wowk
MEP Consultant │Staurt Bridgett
Location │ Charlottenburg, Berlin, Germany
Program │ Incinerator and Night Clubs
“Symbiosis Between Incinerator and Five Night clubs.”

This site is located in Charlottenburg, Berlin,Germany where factories are gathered along the river using water shipment transportation. Our goal was to design a building combining two programs, incinerator and night clubs, while dividing functions through different architectural languages. Incinerator need to have efficient space for accommodating machine, so we propose box shape efficient space with concrete material. On the other hand, we propose atypical shape night clubs with curved metal panels to give dynamic space for people. By passing through the incinerator machines, five different theme of nightclubs give visual and physical fun such as fire, electric, vibration, smog and water.
Pratt SP18 Thom Mayne Event Representative Presenter
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