Academic Year │FA 18
Class│ Arch 880o-01 Wicked Urbanism

Faculty │ Sulan Kolatan
Location│ Central Park, New York, USA
Program│ Habitat for Birds
"Wicked Urbanism Research and Design projects"
Schematic Urban Design Project as Photoshop collage:
Use the information and insight you obtained from the course and the eBird citizen science project to conceive an urban object as habitat for one of the birds you identified above. Use fractal principals to create an object that represents “synthetic nature”. Represent the material you intend to use for the object. The concept, as well as the formal and aesthetic development of the object is important. Also important: quality of the technical execution of the Photoshop collage. Use one board to show a full-size render of the object in its urban context. Use the second board to show information about the bird, its typical habitat, your analysis of that habitat and how your concept for your design.
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